No mata how long sun shine, day must dark and no matter how night long reach day must break…. Society nowadays dey always dey tell us say “patient dogs nor fit eat the fattest bone” so many people dey cross mind everyday dey do the undo just to make am, some dey do magomago, some dey kill people,some dey sell human beings sef just to make am, their own be say na who dem catch na him dey do am after all man must chop and person no go die for suffer… True true person must chop but na so you own be, when your children grow which kind eye dem wan take look them and which one dem wan take look you? Imagine say your fada die as thief or your mama na area ashawo how you go feel..?
Country hard,country hard no mean say you go do your own fellow person wey dey struggle like you… People wey rush live, many of them don die leave everything wey dem work for…
My people make wetin dey put food for your table be legit so that you nor go see any police van dey hide becos who carry smelling fish dey waka flies must follow am..
Work hard, pray for grace you must not do very bad tin becos you wan make am.. Riches good ooo but e dey sweat if bad thing no de involve.. No let bad people deceive you with all the better better thing dem show you but dem no go tell you the pain and regrets wey dey follow.
No let dem deceive you and make you do wetin you go regret later. The end na always complete gbegè.. Everything must scatter.. My people, Abeg Use your sense waka no be leg.

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