Jealous or jealousy na one thing wey you need to make you be member of Winches And Lizards association aka Okporkpais aka Wednesday people. Any small progress your friend or pipo wey dey around you make, you don start to dey vex, ask yourself this simpo kwesun “wetin be my problem”? Nor ask me ooo bcos me myself i get my own problem. Everyday we dey work and pray make God remember us and make Him use His hands make our life stew E nor mean say because He neva reach your turn means say E nor go reach your turn so any person wey  succeed, just know say e don reach the person turn that means in order words the line dey move and e go get to you na for you to remain positive no be to dey jealous person wey God don bless instead of you to dey prepare for your own because person wey dey wash him face with soap must close him eyes na so you suppose close to eyes and your heart to hate and jealousy wey wan make you lose focus and concentrate on another man success.

Wetin another person get na the person get am, if you trespass na thief. Happy for people wey dey make progress because progress nor dey do wayo e nor get family e fit go to anybody as long as you do wetin dey needed to do no magomago.
My dear, happy for your friend wey him buy new car nor be the last one him buy, happy for your friend wey get married nor be the last man on earth she marry, happy for any person wey dey make progress legally, nor let jealousy make you come dey hate people wey you suppose to dey learn from and above all wait for your turn, life no come with shortcuts na jeje e be… BLESSINGS FOLLOW ALL OF US

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