(PIDGIN-CORNER): People Wey Dey Fight For Politicians. HOW MARKET?

Sorry say this segment never come with new level for sometime now.. Na matters arising.. .No vex

Today na this election we go yan about…Elections elections e don come na results we dey wait for and results must surely come. The politicians wey dem win go celebrate, pop Champaign like Olu Maintain,  come dey wait till when dem go resume work base on logistics say dem don win,  why the ones wey dem lose fit relax and humble themselves so that them go collect contracts or the ones with stubborn head go carry the case go court go tell judge say na wayo plus Ojoro infact na yahoo yahoo them take win dem,  but at the end of the day weda the ones wey dem lose finally win the case for court or not, in four years time dem go still contest and even become friends las las but that no be the same for some people fathers, husbands, uncles, brothers and even some girls boyfriends wey carry tools carry kala ginja for these politicians wey in the process dem lose their lives, dem don kpai dem don kpai, some wey dey lucky fit dey alive but their body no complete again just because of money wey dem promise dem, See i nor wan know how much dem promise them and i nor care to know but wetin i know be say money no fit buy life, some wey don die nor go fit collect their remaining balance for the dirty work wey him do for the politicians

Na for our very eyes we see say politicians carry all their children go abroad go enjoy, you wan tell me say the children never reach 18years?No na because them know say their children dey precious to them but call some mumus make them go fight to make dem win promise dem money…Ok na wey you don die or your leg or hand don bend one kind go one side or your head don bus and your one eye don blind like babiyala how e come be now.. Politician sef nor even know where you dey stay or who be your father and immediately he enter na till another four years e go remember you again that is if he still need you. Get sense if you still dey alive after you fight for them bcos you nor go dey lucky next time…

word is enough for the wise wetin e mean be say person wey get complete sense as in balanced diet sense, as in better upper memory card wey nor dey full, as in person wey dey use e brain and not e nyash dey reason,  na only once them dey advise am.. Tankuyu. .

-Elder Seniorpikin






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