(PIDGIN CORNER) See Gbege: Rochas Okorocha Name No Dey For Senators-elect List Wey INEC Release

You say you de Naija and you nor know Rochas Okorocha  e mean say you de sit on a long tin for very long time and you be confirm learner. In case you nor know ask me… Rochas Owelle Okorocha na the former governor i mean the former ogakpakpa of Imo state dat na story for another day sha, Well the koko be say oga Rochas “Owelle” Okorocha name dey miss from di list of senators-elect wey di Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) show Nigerians on Monday 11 March, 2019.

If you still remember, INEC don already carry Okorocha hand up as the pesin wey win wey the selection sori election to represent Imo West Senatorial District for di 23 February election.

But the mata wey dey ground na be say INEC Returning Officer, the pesin wey dey in charge of election results wey dey talk who win election wey him name na Innocent Ibeabuchi come yan say im dey under duress meaning be say some kin people wey power de catch force am make him annaz say na Okorocha win the election on 23rd February which e nor supos to be so

So as the parable “sidon look na dog name” we don cross our legs dey watch as the film dey play.. Weda na season film we neva know yet. Tankuyu


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