8-year-old Nigerian Tanitoluwa Adewumi Is The Newly Crowned Chess Champion Of New York.

Despite only learning chess about a year ago, he was able to win his category (kindergarten through third grade) at the New York State chess championship last weekend.

Prior to becoming the champion, he won seven trophies which stay by his bed. Now, he says he wants to be the youngest
grandmaster. This title is currently held by Sergey Karjakin an Ukrainian, a chess prodigy who qualified for the title at the age of 12 years and 7 months.

Adewumi and his family left northern Nigeria in 2017 for New York. His father, Kayode Adewumi, explains that they had to
leave their home country because he was afraid they would be targeted by Boko Haram terrorists since they are devout
Christians. ” don’t want to lose any loved ones,” he told The Times.

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